Team Vitesse Goals & Objections

As a new cycling season dawns over the sleepy peleton, Team Vitesse manager, Johan the Omniscient, has been hard at work fleshing out his "Converging Static Flux Moments" training program. Shown below are the fruits of his steel trap mind, a mind so sharp as to render razor blades obsolete. This, however, does not mean that Team Vitesse will enter races with hirsute legs.

Reaction from the team was swift. Lampo sniffled, "When you’re fast they shoot, when you're slow they shoot, when you’re in the middle they shoot you also."
Dr. K2, in a quasi-spiritual moment, intoned, "you will always find black sheep. it’s a part of my job now to talk about it and I live with those things and have to deal with them.” Perhaps h2o summed up the readiness of Team Vitesse best when he babbled, "I think I have experiences which no one else has had. You can just ride your bike and get your money at the end of the month but I don’t want that.”

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