Arborism French style

This is a rare foto of the arborist responsible for all trees in Provence. He does a great job and is an incredibly busy man.

An Array d'Arbres de Provence


Landscapes from the speeding TGV

Lightning fast pencil renderings of the French countryside from the TGV between Avignon and Paris.
(click image for full effect)


Cactus in Bedoin 

Wall abstract

Plane tree


A Second visit to the top of Ventoux

I cannot get enough of the top of this mountain.  There are 3 excellent paved roads to the top, well travelled by cyclists, motos and autos.  

Shops along the Seine

It's all about the Tours of yesteryear along the Seine.  The entire history of French glory years at the TdF can be purchased for exorbitant euro prices.  


Borrie the insistent dog

Seafood Monday

B├ędoin, Provence: Day 1. 55€ worth of scallops, whelks, shrimp, and oysters all consumed in one day. 

October 14 sketches


Ominousity atop Ventoux

The mysterious building

The wind has blown the building off vertical. 


On top of Mt. Ventoux

The view from 300 meters above sea level

 An example of some of the rolling stock atop the peak.

The grim moonscape near the top.
 Drama Queen or is an ambulance required?

 The mysterious globe at the top.

The view towards Mt. Blanc in the Alps from 1912 meters.
Tourists who drove up.  The peak seems to be different heights depending on who is measuring. The trend is down likely due to global warming.