Patched and ready

Surrounded by something green this Ford fixer upper can be yours.  Check out the Hamlin Motors website. 

the Barry Hamlin, PCOB, ADD


Lurking Poison

Barry Hamlin (ADD, GF) first identified this potential danger and immediately sought to bring clarity and justice to his fellow humankind.  He warns and rightly so, "Insertion of nasal apparatus into a plastic bag may cause a plethora of problems".


Coffee Preferences 2

Barney enjoys a ballsy misto every morning before his Manufactory job.

Coffee Preferences of the Rich & Famous

Today's famous person is Fausto, a close personal friend of Barry Hamlin.  "One day Mr. Hamlin suggested a flat white sausage espresso.  I liked it but something was missing.  I added a double shot of espresso which plays off the sausage fat nicely" said Fausto recently.