Single Dropped Christmas Eve

Here, now, exclusive to cycling cosmonaut, are the lyrics to h2o's electrifying hit single "JUS' PIMPIN' MY RIDE". First performed in front of a live audience to overwhelming acclaim, this thematic tour-de-force touches on many universal themes and is certain to blast from many a team bus speaker at the 2012 TdF. Get the full effect with quadrafonic drum multi-tracking NOW from HL88 plytunes web interface.


Jus pimpin’ my ride til it’s bona fide
Bes’ wheels on the pavement
A carbon-free enslavement to improve capability
Impact my mobility
In all probability increase my virility
Gotta pimp my ride
put a mojo onside
make these wheels a dream glide

gonna dissipate vibrations with shock travel connectors
penetrate the dark with hub powered reflectors
a chamois on the saddle makes a good protector
of the package / no jock itch / smooth stoppage/
safe passage / no damage
Jus pimpin’ my ride til it’s bona fide…

My spokes are radially bladed, I change tires unaided
Got internal cable routing for non-polluting commuting
I’m the cream of the peleton with brakes record skeleton
Bike king of Edmonton / a rare winter specimen / a cold climate denizen,
A spandex man Michelin.
Jus pimpin’ my ride til it’s bona fide…

I get snappier shift action with campagnolo options
High-modulus carbon fibre might be worth my adopting
on all of my bike fleet, now seven and counting
The need for storage solutions keeps mounting and mounting
Jus pimpin’ my ride til it’s bona fide…

I’m a velocipede collector, accumulator of wheels,
I can vouch for the fact that steel is real
cain’t have too much excessories / they really are necessities /
I need these amenities
to achieve bike bling serenity
Jus pimpin’ my ride til it’s bona fide… (REPEAT AD INFINITUM)


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to have missed the concert. Has it been posted to YouTube or anything like that?

h2o said...

Unfortunately the concert was by invitation only and the doors were locked so no one could leave. Believe me they were clamouring for the exits by the end of the first verse.

Anonymous said...

WHAT no MP3? lame

bowtie bob said...

Apparently someone can't read...the mp3 is available on plytunes. HELLO!?