HL88 ponders Mushroom Drink

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, proud sponsor of Team Vitesse, perked up when it became aware of a bold new mushroom based sports drink from the Central Mushroom Research Institute in North Korea.  The rejuvenation of sportsmen and sportswomen is part of the HL88 mission statement and the Manufactory is understandably excited.  HL88 is in talks with the Little Supreme Leader to purchase a small volume of the wonder product.
Limited quantities are available until resources can be diverted from creating a new substance for "shuttering the concrete by making use of leftovers from the processing of duck feathers and tanning". No doubt priorities are being prioritized by the Central Priority Research Institute in North Korea. 


Halcyon days

Johan perfected popping wheelies and being groovy before he discovered road racing. 


Route map for today's stage

Taped to stem for handy reference. 


Cycling Cosmonaut Exclusive

An image of the legendary brain trust of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. 



American soldiers witness the awe inspiring power of LIGNITE 


LIGNITE Revisited

Same great appearance - New texture - New configuration. HL88 continues to strive for trending modalities!  


Road Test -- LIGNITE

Fuelling the furnace of heavy drop with LIGNITE, HL88's new energy source.  



ANNOUNCEMENT of the newest jewel in HL88's arsenal

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory is proud to provide photographic proof of its exciting new energy source, LIGNITE.  Proprietary concerns forbid revealing the true source or much else about LIGNITE.  The Westmount Cosmodrome is abuzz with the energy of LIGNITE.  Soon available in reputable HL88 sanctioned venues, LIGNITE has the power of a car battery multiplied by any prime number of your choosing.  IGNITE with MIGHTY LIGNITE and leave the peloton behind in a FRIGHT TONIGHT. 


Announcement of an Announcement

Hold your breath!  Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory will announce an exciting  hot new energy source tomorrow.  To increase anticipation and whet your appetite, HL88 has agreed to show the chemical structure of this extraordinary breakout development. 
Looks yummy wouldn't you agree?


From the Archives

This historic shot of Johan's father, Johan the Elder, is typical of the long standing commitment to excellence by HL88.