This fresh LIGNITE at the HL88 Cosmodrome is mined on an industrial scale. HL88's production of LIGNITE is second to none.


LIGNITE at Work or Play

The brute strength and energy of LIGNITE applied in the work environment means "shit is gonna get done".


HL88 sources Podium Shoes

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, illustrious sponsor of Team Vitesse, anticipates great things from its riders this year.  As an added incentive, HL88 will supply the "slipdal" to any team member who secures top spot in a ICU sponsored event. This will undoubtedly create more rivalry between Lampo, h2o and Dr. K2 who oftern vie for wins at the same events.  
Please note that the "slipdal or sanper" is available up to size 17.