Team Vitesse practices Barrel Racing

In an effort to improve left hand turning skills, Team Vitesse will spend countless hours barrel racing. Shown here in their vintage kit, the team enjoys a tactical game of tag.


h20's Humour Hiatus

Acolytes of this blog may have noticed that the cycling cosmonaut has not been adding to the pile lately. Instead of bi-weekly additions the contributions have dwindled to bi-monthly since the advent of the new decade. The editor has had to devote much of his energies to the fiscal side of Team Vitesse. As a result, h20 seems to have lost his sense of fun; that brand of quintessentially down home folksy so-called cycling humour all ye gentle readers have come to relish and rely on. Please be patient while h20's humour hiatus humps homeward.


HL88 to sue for copyright infringement

It has come to the attention of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory management that unauthorized manipulation of the famed CAFIB has taken place. Rip&Hammer (a.k.a. R&H) was the hand model in the orginal launch of this wonderful HL88 product and was first to notice that he had never been to Holland. Likely originating in some Eastern European sweet shop, the so-called "dutch" CAFIB appears to be an altered version of the original CAFIB.

It is difficult to describe the disappointment rippling through the true believers. Items on internet can be changed! God knows what else has been falsified on the vorld vide veb...

Fans of cycling cosmonaut should be satisfied with cycling cosmonaut dogma. All content appearing on these web pages is factual and truthful to the best of my imagination.

2010 Thoughts & Predictions

Countless readers of this blog have been whining and kvetching about the dearth of postings of late. Both these blog followers can rest assured that the cycling cosmonaut has been gathering innuendo, intell and gossip for the start of Team Vitesse's 2010 campaign.

h20 finally found the holiday season exit. Unfortunately he has found that most of his clothing has become smaller. A full investigation in consultation with Hat Model has been launched into the best supplier of elastic waste bands.
Le Triple, our continental European based team member, has created a CAFIB with a distinctly "Dutch" flavour. This version of the popular and timeless CAFIB is one whose beauty is eclipsed only by its superb utilitarian aspects. Fear not faithful readers, 2010's blog will not stray from the proven formula of ancient days. It will continue to strive for increased perfection with thought provoking and inspiring stories from Team Vitesse sponsored by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory.