SMEVEC 88T formulates the IMAGINATION

Excitement is building towards the imminent launch of the SMEVEC 88T. The logical "next step" in biofeedback systems for the cyclist, the SMEVEC 88T builds on the impressive output of the SMEVEC 8 increasing functionality with higher volume deliverables.

The clamour for information about Happy Lucky 88's newest product has induced the engineers at the Manufactory to pre-release the attached information sheet (closer scrutiny possible by clicking on image). It represents just some of the solutions that can be solved when applying the SMEVEC 88T formulas.

This should serve to whet the appetite of all bicycle enthusiasts who desire the best performance from themselves and from a cycling computer.

Online Survey passes test

The results of the Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory Survey indicate that readers are interested in plywood spandex and more cockle testing.
Particularly surprising is the choice of lycra influenced plywood. The technology does not yet exist to marry these two elements but our readers have faith that Happy Lucky 88 will come up with a solution.
The desire for more voluntary out-of-competition cockle testing attests to the indomitable spirit of respondents' clean transparent lifestyle. They appear to be saying "I am not afraid...my cockles are not afraid...bring on the cockle testing apparatus to test my cockles!". This attitude can only be good for cycling and will ensure unsullied cockles of the highest polish and sheen.
Thanks to all of you who responded to the online survey.


Better Performance thanks to Super Absorbent Rain Cape

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, in conjunction with Team Vitesse, has unveiled the preliminary sketch of the "hydrophyllic" Super Absorbent Rain Cape. A variation of the ever popular Super Absorbent Rain Cape, this improved product is the direct result of Team Vitesse feedback. Team members asked "wouldn't we go faster if the rain cape absorbed more rain?". Happy Lucky 88's R&D department immediately set to work to increase the absorption quotient and produce a thermodynamically favourable plywood.

Now available in time for the rainy season, the Super Absorbent Rain Cape comes in one exciting colour. Order the SMEVEC 8 and receive part of a rain cape with every SMEVEC ordered!


SMEVEC 88T Passes Road Tests like a Champion

These exclusive fotos of the Sublime Motion Elated Velocity Enlightenment Computation 88T (SMEVEC 88T) display the kind of rigorous testing any Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory product receives. Shown above, a member of Team Vitesse puts the SMEVEC 88T through its paces on an uphill stretch in the Dolomites. Capable of high level calculations including barometric pressure, time zones, pivot tables and regression analysis, the SMEVEC 88T will be released to the public in the very near future.
Stay tuned to CYCLING COSMONAUT for updates!!


SMEVEC - the new GOLD standard in Performance Measurement

Introducing the SMEVEC 8 - it's what every cyclist worthy of the name needs this holiday. The SMEVEC 8, Happy Lucky 88's introductory model in biofeedback information systems technology, is the only bicycle computer on the market with a seamless rider-machine interface. The Sublime Motion Elated Velocity Enlightenment Computation or SMEVEC for short, puts wireless speed/cadence, heart rate, and optimal power data on one easy-to-read display platform.
Exploiting the proven engineering and design excellence of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, the SMEVEC 8 allows the serious amateur to focus on improving power, speed and overall performance -- just like the pros. You can use any wheel, hub, crank or chain--JUST MOUNT AND GO! There is no software to learn so you can immediately concentrate on objective based training workouts.

SMEVEC is where the REVOLUTION starts...what are YOU using to control and compute accurate biofeedback information on a timely basis?


Rumour of Sponsor Deal holds currency!

Ever since the October announcement that Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory would be the primary sponsor of Team Vitesse, other potential sponsors have expressed keen interest. Team Vitesse's standards of transparency in pre-race cockle testing make it a leader amongst professional teams. Couple this with the incredible product weaponry developed by Happy Lucky 88, and many podium appearances can be expected by the Team. No doubt the future success of Team Vitesse will provide an excellent ripe environment for exposure.

The breakaway republic of Terscheling off the northern Friesian coast of the Netherlands is currently courting Team Vitesse management for such exposure. It is unclear what, if anything, the republic of Terscheling has to offer.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Team Vitesse meeting

A Team Vitesse meeting has been scheduled for this Saturday at 0530 hours at the usual location. Johan will join us via video link-up from a brothel in Switzerland or the south coast of France. Topics on the agenda include:
  1. Presentation of Johan's European expense budget.
  2. Approval of Johan's European expense budget.
  3. How often should we have our cockles tested?
  4. Should the results of the "A sample" cockle tests be released to the press before the "B" sample is tested?
  5. What kind of a deal should we strike with Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory as exclusive distributors of the SMEVEC line of products in North America?
  6. Frank and open discussion of future Happy Lucky 88 products.
  7. Alternate plan in case the Super Absorbent Rain Cape delivery is delayed at Customs.
  8. Progress report on the SMEVEC prototype development.
  9. Adjournment.

Please note that Johan is only available for a brief time necessitating the early call to order of this important meeting. Johan has insisted that his expense budget be placed first on the agenda. Whatever Johan wants Johan gets...


COMING SOON: the SMEVEC revolution

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, in conjunction with its pro sponsorship team, Team Vitesse, has been working diligently on the next generation of bicycling biofeedback information systems. The "Sublime Motion Elated Velocity Enlightenment Computation" or SMEVEC will be available to all levels of consumers in the very near future. The SMEVEC revolution starts with the entry level system called the SMEVEC 8. This incredibly exciting and innovative biofeedback monitoring system is capable of highly convoluted calculations of cadence, speed, and tracking of other important personal information. We are certain that the SMEVEC 8 will quickly become a must-have for all discerning amateur cyclists wishing to improve their performance through technology.

The "pro" model, called the SMEVEC 88T, currently being tested by Team Vitesse, uses the same proven plywood platform as the SMEVEC 8. The optional mini ferring, rechargable power source, improved capacity for obscure calculations and other important cosmetic improvements will make this device a dependable mainstay for all members of the professional peleton. Employing the use of patent pending technology, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory will have a water resistant version called the SMEVEC 888T available in the spring of 2012 just in time for the London Olympic Games.

Both units have the ability to be fully integrated with the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking ferring developed by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory during the summer of 2008 and documented on this blog. As you have come to expect from any Happy Lucky 88 design, the Sublime Motion Elated Velocity Enlightenment Computation has received nothing but positive reviews from Team Vitesse members.

Please stay tuned for updates on the release of these and other momentous Happy Lucky 88 manufactory products.