Race Radio Problem Solved

Johan, ever watchful for technological advantages to ensure Team Vitesse cycling domination has combed the cycling archives for "re-solutions". "If the UCI forbids teams to use race radios, why not have bike radios tuned motivational radio stations?" mused the great man. Indeed the 1957 Huffy was used to great effect during the Cold War, ferrying paperboys to bomb shelters at high speed to the pinched sounds of Miles Davis and Birth of the Cool.
Surely there can be no issue with these bikes in the professional peleton...


bowtie bob said...


Buyer beware!

I am pretty sure that the fairing containing the radio is NOT UCI conforming. According to the 3:1 aero ruling the aerodynamic advantage of the enclosed space will allow this bike to go "too fast". Unless Johan and HL88 can prove that it is structural it just won't fly. I suggest incorporating it into the seat tube like Spartacus's motor drive...its not like anyone will notice strange drunken ramblings emanating from Team Vitesse riders saddles.

But then again maybe the UCI won't notice

Dr. K2nees

bowtie bob said...

I was hoping that the radio bike could just be tuned to regular AM radio. That way riding through the deep south of France the motivational music might be Johan Prine or Johan Back.

Jeremy said...

Does it get Radio Paradise? ...or Howard Stern, at the very least?