Wheel & Chair

Front wheel with Chris King squeaking hub. An oxymoron n'est pas?  Au contrare mon frere. 


Workday Two

Noon time checking for pinholes in eyelids


Waiting for Godot

George waiting for the return of his female master.


Mobile Cosmodrome

In preparation for HL88's annual altitude training camp, the mobile cosmodrome
sits ready and loaded for launch (it just need to be folded down).


June 7 Detritus Report

Items seen on roadway during 75 km ride east of the city:

  • 20 foot piece of rebar
  • 3 foot piece of rebar
  • 4 bungee cords
  • 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood (what a terrible waste)
  • 1 doe (live)
  • 1 golf shoe
  • 1 exploded box of facial tissue
  • 1 furnace air filter
  • various lengths of 2 x 4 lumber
  • a multitude of varying gravel sizes


All Aboard!

Three dollars seems like a super deal to witness an atomic bomb exploding. Who doesn't want to see an atom split to smithereens?  


Cosmodrome Welcomes New Technician

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has developed a prototype technical technician labour saving device aptly named Mr. Atomic.  Mr. Atomic will replace human bike mechanics in an effort to facilitate faster and more accurate mechanical support under race conditions and suring downtimes at the cosmodrome.  Mr. Atomic is greatly anticipated at the WORC (Western Oceanographic Research Cosmodrome) after Lampo Bianco was forced to let his staff of forest dwarfs go due to insubordination. 
There is absolutely no back talk from Mr. Atomic.  Simply program the type of repair desired and Mr. Atomic will work and think like an automaton.