Soul Shakedown

As a courtesy to all readers, dudes and dudettes who may have forgotten the proper way to shake hands in the soul brother way, HL88 presents this public service announcement.

Rockin' the hand in 2015.

Comfort for the Cobbles

Spring time means only one thing to the HL88 Cosmodrome.  Protection of the personal cobbles from the uneven cobbles of northern Belgium and France will require a suspension bike and one big assed seat. 


Nap time

Having enjoyed a particularly poor sleep last night, I long to curl up
on this inviting fluffy bench.


On top of Mt Stryro

All covered with foam.


Metal Market is Super

Just like a grocery only for steel.


The Sweet Spot

click on image for image enlargement


Alpha Potential

Okay, time for a volatility reality check. That mild drag you are feeling is creating vulnerabiltiy and has its causation in strict headwinds that are triggering a tightening. In order to maximize the sharp ratio and avoid some medium term divergence, try to taper back on any and all quantitative easing. The event risk caused by a taper tantrum will go a long way to satisfy potential sell-off contributors.  As always, the absolute noise from tail risk hedging can be engineered for the perfect outcome. Let's go on maximizing our ALPHA POTENTIAL!