Cultures in collision

The Plains Indian figure is glued into this fetching shell tableau 


November Dreams of Italian Club Ride

Is that a pain cave or a hurt yurt in the distance?


November 20 - a Brisk Day

 Ready to rumble at minus 30 wind chill.


Dr. K2nees winter training

An inspiration to all racers, Dr. K2nees, shown below with his fat bike and pit crew, has begun his spring classics training. Note that he has installed a seat for a coxswain which doubles as traction and motivational coaching. So far the good Dr. has won a Cat 6.2 race, capturing maximum sprint points over the member of his pit crew who ran along side. 


NEW Product from HL88 Manufactory - STAPP

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory is proud to announce an exciting new product under development. Tentatively titled, Soothing Tranquility Access Ply-Berry Protection or STAPP.  It  is scheduled to be available in time for Christmas or sometime shortly thereafter. The idea for this solid innovative product came from team Vitesse rider h2o, who complained of chilling in the berry area experienced on recent winter training rides. 
HL88, always eager to provide a new problem for existing solutions, turned to what they know best -- PLYWOODIUM.  As can be seen from this Final plan for STAPP, Plywoodium is used exclusively to create a comfortable, accommodating, one-size-fits-all, unisex short pant which will insulate and protect the sensitive area. 

(click on image for enlargement)

Innovation and strength are synonymous with HL88 and the Soothing Tranquility Access Ply-Berry Protection oozes these qualities. By pumping Plywoodium dust into the pant, insulation from the coldest temperatures is guaranteed. HL88 will be using 3/4 inch Plywoodium to ensure strength coupled with a comfort feel unlike anything on the market today. As with all HL88 products, it will come with a unlimited 88 day warranty against many items.
This product will be available at reputable establishments after extensive testing by team Vitesse riders. Hailed by industry observers as the "Next thing from HL88", the STAPP will prove to be a must-have for the discerning cyclist in your life.