Random Cold Weather Boredom

I know it doesn't have much to do with HL88 Manufactory.  I was simply making sure i can still frame a foto.  Agreed, they are forgettable images similar to this day. 



ILFORD rising

 A recent chance meeting with some hipsters reminded me of the good old days of composing a photograph without the instant gratification.  Actually taking some time to make a foto generates a sense of well being which I had lost.


Pinch my loaf

Pictured is the first loaf of bread baked in 6 months following the February 3 maintenance shutdown of the HL88 bakery. The combination of sorghum, millet, quinoa, and brown rice flour stand in chorus together to announce a triumphant return to exquisite texture and overwhelmingly wonderful taste.


HL88 Strategic Map

A visual guide to the Badlands 160 viewing experience. Eschewing digital technology, HL88 believes in the tried and true pencil & paper methodology with obvious great effect. 


Patched and ready

Surrounded by something green this Ford fixer upper can be yours.  Check out the Hamlin Motors website. 

the Barry Hamlin, PCOB, ADD


Lurking Poison

Barry Hamlin (ADD, GF) first identified this potential danger and immediately sought to bring clarity and justice to his fellow humankind.  He warns and rightly so, "Insertion of nasal apparatus into a plastic bag may cause a plethora of problems".


Coffee Preferences 2

Barney enjoys a ballsy misto every morning before his Manufactory job.

Coffee Preferences of the Rich & Famous

Today's famous person is Fausto, a close personal friend of Barry Hamlin.  "One day Mr. Hamlin suggested a flat white sausage espresso.  I liked it but something was missing.  I added a double shot of espresso which plays off the sausage fat nicely" said Fausto recently.


the Barry Hamlin Diet

Barry Hamlin - a name synonymous with great ideas and high quality actionable items. Mr. Hamlin first appeared on these pages in March of 2012 when Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory revealed that he was the mastermind behind the SMEVEC and other wondrous plywoodium products. As some of you might be aware, Barry Hamlin graciously agreed to appear as Famous Person #17 in GOAT AFICIONADO. He recently came back from an 18 month intensive high colonic retreat in a successful effort to "embark to alternative thought schisms".
One result of Mr. Hamlin's disruptive sanctuary is the creation of a new revolutionary diet, the SCHEDULED SANDWICH DIET.  On a granular level, the regimen increases mastication efficiencies while reducing volumetrics.  Simply stated, a single half sandwich eaten on the half hour beginning at 0830 hrs until 1130 hrs followed by apple #1 at 1330 hrs and apple #2 at 1430 hrs, will   reduce the negative effects of gravity over a measured time period.

Barry Hamlin is an agile thought leader whose insightful innovations improve all matter from bosons to croutons. We are truly thankful that Mr. Hamlin deigns to share his permutations on nutrition intake with HL88 and its faithful followers.


More road mud

All from one 50 kms road ride.  Good thing I left the good bike at home. 

Road Ride Results

Typical spring road grime from a damp day at latitude 53.


Our Founder

original band member of the Manufactory


Influences - a new series

HL88 Manufactory's global influence can never be overstated.  Here at a Paris cafe, an excellent example of post revolution plywoodium flaunts its durability and timeless look. 

Cat on a hot Bédoin rue

The Flattened Albatross of Avignon