Campagnolo Gold

What every cyclist deserves at Christmas. 


Vitesse Training Camp Opens

Team Vitesse cyclists experience the joy of speed in this Johan designed 120 kmph trust exercise.


One Sleepy Dogster

Doggie downtime is very important 

Recovery Nutrition

Replete with fat, salt in the form of tamari, and engivita yeast for hyper recuperation action.


Santa visits the Lunar Cosmodrome

Enjoy the reindeer in space suits. 


Post Surgery Contemplation

In the post surgery euphoria, the problem of Cold Arm was mulled over. There is no dispute that Cold Arm has been an issue since the hominids roamed the Bering Sea-land bridge causeway. It is common knowledge that some form of the sleeved shirt evolved from the tunic (not shown in the foto). But the question remains, which came first, the short or the long sleeved shirt?