Hipster hits Mainstream

Now that Lego has embraced the hipster look, it is time to go full-on lumbersexual.


Size matters

The people who live in this orange's country of origin must be quite diminutive in stature.


HL88 Helmet testing

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has not been idle this last month. New ideas in helmet design were tested. Initial results are being tabulated but this particular design is likely to be popular in the bunch. Slipping it on is easy with its innovative strapless design. It relies completely on gravity to secure the helmet to the rider's coconut so peeling it off is dead easy. The tally man still has to confirm the cost. Best before dates are constantly being revised depending on the weather. 

Reviews so far have been positive.  Unique, astoundingly fast, snappy, surprisingly smooth, and envy provoking are just some of the superlatives being bandied about. Of course this praise refers to both the helmet and rider.  


Cobbled Classic Training

Training now in full swing at the Westmount Cosmodrome. Recovery from knee surgery going well under Johan's inspirational oversight and prescribed diet of grande half sweet 1% no foam HAM HOCK lattes. 

Wishful Thinking


Johan's first day of 2015

Johan displaying a lot of class by agreeing to make waffles for the team on New Year's day.