Wow! Orange Batavus!

a bromfeits in Dutch

Dog parking

Wolf hooks

HL88 influencing the World

The Manufactory's plywoodium style seen and felt like a refreshing breeze off a landfill in Montreal. As always, plywood first and comfort last. 


Bucky Dome & car

F1 track

Bicycles race around the track in the off season on perfectly smooth pavement. 

Runners for retreat

Unfortunately retreat was never an option

Breaking news

This just fell in my lap

Bike signage

It must be okay to walk your bike between these hours. Very positive message. 

Plastic replica of the "Barf" Crepe

Wet line from above


Seen about town

Fan support for new HL88 climbing  talent from Tralfamadore. 


Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory presents -- "Bacons of Excellence"

Johan will join rarefied company as a Bacon of Excellence. Other bacons of tolerance, intelligence, strong moral character include Sir Francis Bacon;

and this good to real good swine.


HL88 to Immortalize Johan in Pot Metal

Soon this metallic sculpture will grace the grounds of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. The life like life sized artist rendering of Johan at the helm of his beloved BMW-Z8, long suffering manager of Team Vitesse, will serve as a bacon of excellence and epitomizes the HL88's motto "Creating problems for existing solutions."


Ringing the RB bell

So close to the finish

Start House

Count down for Cadel. He finished 4th on the day.

Taking the corner

Enve laced to Chris King

Nice to see the pros using my setup

Last instructions

Try not to scrape your tail pipes while cornering