Training Rides - Observations

Here is a short list of items seen along the highways and roads while training:
1.  Infinite number of bungee cords
2.  Infinite number of empty beer cans
3.  More than 5 abandoned couches
4.  2 toilets
5.  3 refrigerators
6.  1 bra
7.  1 dildo and pump thing
8.  1 full box of nicorette patches
9.  1 truck gas tank including gas spill
10. 1 Spare truck tyre on rim


Team Reeling after TdF

Now that the tour is over, Team Vitesse can return to regular training. An independent analysis of Barry Hamlin's handling of the management is revealing. It appears that Mr. Hamlin did not receive Johan's message that he was at the helm. As a result Team Vitesse squandered many chances to "get in the mix" and "stir the pot".  In fact no member of Team Vitesse actually made it to any stage start.  It seemed the team was working from the 2005 stage calendar. 

However, h2o was able to get in some wonderful riding on gravel roads, honing his skills for a rural unpaved stage race someday in the future.