The Woodlot Lounge Pant

The staff at WORC seem to know a lot about trees. And they know from comfort too. Put the two together and a pinnacle of style and secrecy is achieved with the WOODLOT Lounge Pant shown here modelled by bow tie_bob (currently recovering from knee surgery). All he needs now is the closest location of a Woodlot Lounge. 


ESD rests head on Hurtie

The Emotional Support Dog in action using the injured leg as support. 


Animal's Sixth Sense

George, ESA of Team Vitesse, seems to know something is different with his master. 

ESA at Work

George, the Emotional Support Animal of Team Vitesse, doing what he does best: being a big suck and lying on my bladder. Real genuine Zipper-like staples shown in background.


Confidence builder

Relief as the proof that the titanium was installed on the correct leg. 

Operation under wraps

Today the knee will be in use!  Looking forward to see the results 


Pre-op blues

Left leg to be repaired. 


Targeted Toaster Testing

HL88 Manufactory is busy this season with its annual targeted toaster testing. Testing toasters takes talent, something HL88 has in modest abundance. Each rider on Team Vitesse is furnished with a tested toaster for personal use at each stop on the 2015 Tour. Properly browned and tasty toast techniques take time to tame. Uncompromising quality conquers!


Pre-Op Equipment Requirements

As the date approaches for btb's total knee replacement, an equipment list has been released by the HL88 surgery suite.  This represents tools that the patient must bring to the OR. This requirement keeps the costs of surgery down allowing higher salaries to be paid to the riders of Team Vitesse, the professional cycling team sponsored by HL88 Manufactory. clicking on the images increases their size!


Consumer Alert

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory realizes that the recent production of Tooche Bags were sold without its vital instruction sheet. By posting the Tooche Bag instructions on the popular cycling cosmonaut blog on the line, HL88 management ensures that all consumers have equal access to its wisdom.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

WORC Brings Seasonal News

Lampo Bianco, Commander of the Western Oceanographic Research Cosmodrome (WORC), has submitted this stunning use of bicycles and ice.  He calls it "Pre-hipster High Velocity Frozen Water Cycling Classic".  The leader is Grampo Lampo digging deep with blade-tie_basil gaining with each revolution of the 3 mile oval.