Cold Arm - Perennial Menace

In these days of minus negative 30 degree C temperatures and brisk little breezes, one must be extra vigilant against that evil threat, Cold Arm. At these extreme temperatures Cold Arm can attack and gain traction in the most attentive amongst us. Let us not even consider those who shun Cold Arm advice, always given freely and without judgement. You shunners know who you are.
While Cold Arm will always be a formidable foe, we must join together to mitigate its effects by being circumspect, observant and proactive. Be ever watchful for your family, friends and neighbours, especially those who flaunt the warnings and bring upon themselves unnecessary Cold Arm suffering.
Remember that Cold Arm can never be eliminated, only controlled through careful watchfulness and long sleeved clothing.

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Anonymous said...

It's not my arm that's of concern this week.