Shadowy Ride

Riding the Moots OX with company


HL88 Special Consideration Prizing

Stunning tea set will be awarded to Team Vitesse rider with best base layer. 


HL88's Herbal Supplement Suggestion #37 and #41

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has performed exhaustive tests on herbal supplements that can boost performance and almost completely avoid prolonged racing bans meted out by those nasty pee testers.

St. James's Wort
An illegitimate cousin to the more well known and popular St. John's Wort, this leafless root - taken in small doses - temporarily alleviates fatigue by approximating that feeling of rage you get when you stub your toe and it hurts so bad for a minute that you're not even thinking about how tired you are because you are so pissed off with the chair you stubbed your toe on and whoever put it in the way.  The effects can be strategically applied during stage races at the discretion of the director sportif.

Victorian Tomahto Lace
Technically a vine, even though it grows out of the body of an animal we cannot show on these pages, this superfood substitute is believed to improve athletic performance during consumption of regular foodstuffs. Ingested by chewing on the plant's dried stalks, it diverts unnecessary calories to the sinus cavities and from there to the nose, where it exits in a clear but powerful jet (not unlike projectile sneezing).


HL88 Recommendation #147a

HL88 and COLD ARM announce co-sponsor

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory and its COLD ARM Awareness Initiative are pleased to announce a new junior sponsor.  Team Vitesse has been searching for an NRG bar worthy of the name. On the recommendation of Dr. K2nees and other HL88 doctors, the team will be fueled by Baby Ruth for the 2014 season. HL88 and its beloved leader look forward to most excellent results from the team it has never forsaken low these many years. The cyclist in this print advertisement bears a striking resemblance to Lampo Bianco.

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Jan 1 packing up

Another year of subtle colour stored away. 

God Damn the Pusher Man