Spring - the Final Frontier

Keeping the tulip faith alive 


HL88wood beckons

HL88 Manufactory now offers a Direct from the Operating Room program broadcasting total knee replacement surgeries live from the HL88 Manufactory Hospital to your home. Now you and your family can observe the procedure in high definition (HD) on a 24-foot screen.

Dr. Owen A. Loan, division head of Joint Reconstruction Surgery, and clinical associate professor in the Department of Surgery, explains the procedure and answers questions as he removes damaged cartilage and bone from the consenting patient’s knee and positions an implant to restore function.

Two wall-mounted video cameras were replaced with Polycom EagleEye HD cameras. Resolution is nine times better than standard video quality. Observers feel like they are ‘really there,’ the magnified views from different angles are actually better than what they would see inside the operating room.  Straps holding the patients down are carefully hidden from view.

To achieve high-quality audio, the HL88 team considered acoustics, speakers and microphone placement. Dr. Loan's microphone is positioned to avoid interference from a fan that prevents condensation inside his surgical mask. Screams from patients are muffled with pillows and a specially designed shriek filter placed firmly over the writhing patient's head. 


Sage Words from HL88

Deep in the recesses of our great Manufactory, lies a book of proverbs and parables. Written long ago by a committee of shrewd Manufactory employees, this voluminous tome ofttimes yields nuggets of perspicacity and wisdom applicable to our day and age and current state of affairs. Witness today's offering...

"There are few greater impediments to one's life force than riding on a partially inflated rear studded winter tyre".


Manufactory evidence

For those who thought that HL88 was a legend observe this proof.  This authentic UPS customs document arrived at the cosmodrome 8 months after the distinctive HL88 jerseys were delivered. Life imitates art. 


A Question from our Viewers

Dear HL88:  how can I avoid getting my pants stuck in the chain on my bike?

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HL88 Mission Statement

Happy Lucky 88 -- managing the rate of change one sheet of plywood at a time. 


HL88 Hears Security Needs

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, illustrious sponsor of Team Vitesse, has listened to the needs of the security establishment and has developed sophisticated listening devices. Application for professional racing is ongoing. These radical new products may replace the inherently unreliable race radios currently in use by the professional peloton.
Blow Hard Desert Model 188
Portable Ear Shells for field use
Multilingual Ear Enhancer


WORC Dispatches

Recently, Lampo Bianco set off from the Western Oceanographic Riding Cosmodrome on a training ride.He chose a cross bike as his weapon to tackle some unpaved sections of the area on Vancouver Island. His inner Johan was searching for an epic ride.  At first he was not challenged by the road and soon despaired of his route choice.

 Suddenly the road deteriorated and Lampo's inner Johan was awakened. It soon became evident that Lampo's 15 minutes round trip training ride was sure to be the fabric of legend.

Lampo's inner Johan awakened