HL88 Legal Department adding staff

Judging from this recent foto taken somewhere, it is obvious that Oscar, pictured below, has copied HL88 flagship design,  Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking.  His reverse engineering results in a curious structure which captures natural gases to assist in forward propulsion.  One thing is certain, Happy Lucky 88's legal pit bulls are going to tear Oscar a new one.


Life imitates HL88 AGAIN

How is this:

Different from this?

Once again Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory is feeling litigious.  This blatant rip off of the SMEVEC 88 (Sublime Motion Elation Velocity Enlightenment Computation) acts like a sliver in the finger of HL88's legal counsel. Watch out ifone imagineer....


Wall of Sheet Rain

Narrowly avoided by calling for team car driven by PE5GW. 


Sponsor gets rear exposure

Vitesse to ride Tour in style

For Information only

Absolutely no one has been wondering about the new blog background. To satisfy the knowledge gap that does not exist, the cows belong to cousin C who graze the land of cousin F near WLNP. 


Sketch of Spain 3

Gorilla ride in the mist

Drenching ride through the June mist is said to develop character and influenza. 


Why Alberta is here

Land of marsh and oil 


HL88 Manufactory:  creating problems for existing solutions since 2008


Sidewalk Alert

HL88 Manufactory:  creating problems for existing solutions since 2008