Sneak Peek at HL88's HYPER-CYCLE

Innovative breakthroughs in cycling Check Spellingare as common as abandoned u-locks in western style conurbations. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has emerged from a long period of quietude to reveal select proprietary components of its new "Superior HYPER-CYCLE Ion Transit Equation" or SHITE. Shown below is a rear disc wheel with equationary spoke calculations integrated into the wheel structure.

You can no doubt appreciate how Team Vitesse cycling success will hinge on the aggregation of marginal gains thanks to the enigmatic and incomprehensible HYPER-CYCLE. All details pertaining to recovery and performance will be constantly examined, corrected and optimised by HL88 to ensure riders have the greatest possible chance of victory. A fully tricked out HYPER-CYCLE will reduce hypermyotonia through refinement of the nervous system.

The front disc wheel promotes well being and contentment to all who will watch it spin by. This could be the most exciting and potent strategy for improving Team Vitesse performance in a very short space of time.

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