The Perils of Carbon Fiber

The current trend in bicycles and componentry has embraced carbon fiber as the saviour of cycling. Many hurtful and derogatory comments have been made about Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory's dogged determination and insistence on using plywood as its main construction material for its vast range of cycling products. It is an established fact that HL88 developed the current carbon fiber monocoque techniques 4 decades ago when the Manufactory was satisfying the world's insatiable demand for seat cushions. At that time management wisely decided to abandon carbon fiber construction, judging it to be too light and therfore too nebulous for use in cycling products.
HL88's semi-esoteric molecular release of their original carbon/plywood chain shows how the Manufactory was able to eliminate the weight constraints of carbon and capitalize on plywood momentum; momentum that continues to propel Team Vitesse to victory.

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