Become a "Friend of Team Vitesse"

As we can all appreciate, it costs money to run a professional cycling team. Team Vitesse is no exception as it strives to coddle riders on all 8 continents. h20 recently performed his fiduciary duty for the team and found that expected savings on core delivery against the counterfactual inflationary increase has caused reprioritisation to fund a wider range of investment baselines. This will ensure the long-term sustainability of equality and diversity into core objectives. Of course certain obfuscation elements were eliminated from his final report.
The take away from this misleading and vague report has spawned a new fund raising initiative to maintain the lifestyles of Team Vitesse and Johan to which they have become accustomed.
Now you can become a "Freind of Team Vitesse". Donators of considerable size will receive superlative discounts from team sponsor Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. Contributors of stupendous bigness can anticipate short sojourns from the greatest stars of Team Vitesse both past and present. Lampo Bianco has graciously offered to make himself at home with you for months on end if the end result allows the management system to become embedded within a sustainable business process, allowing for risks to be escalated up and down the organisation as necessary.

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