Lung Capacity - Increasing Amplitude

Regular followers of this blog may remember the entry entitled "Increasing Lung Capacity the Lampo Way". Lampo has experienced improved levels of dizziness and has extended his coughing bouts after exercise - both signs of increased lung capacity. The key to his success lies in alternating between fags and stogies. When asked if there were any negative side effects, Lampo quipped "I am finding that my skin is dry." Leaping to his assistance the lab at Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has developed "High Droll Eye Zing" cream. The vigour and brawn of this concoction requires that users derisk its shear power by mixing it with equal parts lard and wax for use in Jacuzzi tubs. Murmured Lampo through his putty coloured mask of ooze, "I love HL88 products! They create problems for solutions they already have."

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