Team Vitesse Off-Season Activity

Cycling cosmonaut thought it might be fun to catch up with the doings of Team Vitesse's stellar lineup. Now that it is the Year of Erudition, this information fits the mandate of internet postings and is certain to vitiate matters.
Lampo Bianco is travelling without precarity to the west coast on a surveillance mission. He and Hat Model are attending some festal occasions.
K2nees continues to avoid perfidy and displays much uxorious behaviour. Both LB and K2 have shown so much uxoriousness that there will be additions to the Vitesse team in 2010.
LeTriple continues to amaze with perspicacious fotos of his now weekly assaults of Mont Ventoux.
Night Train's lack of quiet querulousness may awaken with the continued consumption of farl.
Johan's insistent plangency can be heard from his private social Siberia.
h20 persists in producing somewhat specious blog entries which, it is hoped, are the opposite of longueurs.
PE5GW is just plain sick of moving.

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