Increase Your Lung Capacity the Lampo Way

We all know that Lampo Bianco spends a lot of his down time inside the Euphoric Fountain of Youth Booth. LB increases the ability of his lungs to absorb oxygen while reading dictionaries and enjoying cross stitch. He has always been one to push himself beyond his limits. To this end he has begun a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle inside the booth (which fits over any bathtub).
On his recent 1.5 hour flight to the west coast, he experimented with increasing his lung capacity even further. Lampo strapped a pillow over his face to filter out potentially harmful viruses and increase the effort of breathing. "By making it more difficult to suck air and actually fight for your very life, your lungs will increase in power, efficiency and capacity," wheezed Lampo. He recommends a smaller couch pillow for flights over 2 hours. Thank you for that LB.

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