Alberto's Huge Mistake

Contador has made a career ending error by signing with Astana for 2010. Not only has he foregone the plentiful plywood perks of Happy Lucky 88 sponsorship, he has chosen to compete against the most formidably aggressive teams in the peleton. Reaction from Team Vitesse members was swift.
Upon hearing the news Johan said, "Good riddance to that whiner. He was too much of a team player for us anyway."
Lampo Bianco's reaction was eager and selfish, "That just means more plywood products for us!"
K2nees mused, "Team Vitesse could have taught him so much..."
LeTriple beamed at the news, "I am glad he is not on my new team. I didn't feel like pulling him over every climb in every race."
h20 remarked, "The sensations are good. Let's party!".
Obviously a rivalry has been spawned. No doubt Alberto will have to get used to watching the backs of Team Vitesse riders as they disappear into the distance throughout the TdF.

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