Panel of Sponsor inquiry

H2O: As always I am very impressed with the Happy Lucky 88 products, and see some benefits to swimming as well as biking. The floatation characteristics would be impressive, perfect for the dead man position, but the design may have to change to allow for arm rotation. Any idea about the drag coefficient?

Dear R&H: thank you for your incisive question. I presume that you wish to use the Panel of Sponsor in your triathlon endeavours. I do not claim to be an expert on the nuances of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory merchandise, but I recall that their fine print states that any "layer wood" crafted products must be kept dry. You might be able to circumvent this small problem by shrink wrapping the entire Panel of Sponsor before shrink wrapping it to your body. I will pass along your request for statistical information about the panel's drag coefficient. Good luck and let us know how that works

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