conquering the Stelvio

A chance conversation in Rome with a Dutch fellow revealed that he had rode his bike up the Stelvio (a famous pass in Italy oft used in the Giro). He rode with 80 people with a broom wagon. the triple on his bike was essential. What is with these dutch flatlanders and their reliance on triples to conquer 8% grades? I would have to recommend more training consistent with Johan's scheduled work ethic used by Team Vitesse sponsored by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. Current training with the team is certain to maximize the power on the pedal in a double configuration.

Yours from Rome,


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It seems to me, that despite being a superior people, the Dutch are ideal candidates for exposure to Team Vitesse's secret weapon, Happy Lucky 88 cycling products and apparel. Not only will they retain their stylish ways but the added efficiency of good ol' 100% Chinese plywood products will surely reduce their dependence on such useless contraptions like triples, training wheels, and pneumatic tires. For such bike crazed people it is a wonder that they have not heard of Happy Lucky 88, but then again that is just the exposure Happy Lucky 88 will be expecting from Team Vitesse as we rack up wins abroad.