a first hand report -- Giant of Provence

Through some excellent research conducted in the language of my ancestors here in the Netherlands, I have determined that the son of my cousin has actually cycled up Mt Ventoux. His support vehicle may have been driven by his parents. He has a triple on his bike which made it possible but just barely. He claims that the pitches in the forest before the barren area are 9 to 11 %. I cannot imagine how that could be any steeper than anything in our area. He thought that Mt Ventoux is more difficult than Alpe D'Huez. I feel confident that if a flatlander from the Netherlands like him can succeed, then I, 30 years older and far more out of shape can also. He said he almost turned around and that he wished he had trained more (like riding 500 km per week). The time has come to quit our jobs and devote all our time to riding.

Thus far in my other research into the market penetration of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory into Europe, I have found little evidence at all. This explains why Happy Lucky 88 has sponsored our Team to represent its interests in the upcoming professional season on the European racing scene.

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I feel confident that Team Vitesse will result in "much super good" publicity for Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, after all we are just pretty faces as our time trial rig will attest to. Not only that but at the first hint of bad weather all the other pros will be jealous of our super absorbent rain capes made out of the wonder material; plywood. The integration of the quality products from Happy Lucky 88 will surely be seen for the genius it is. I will personally assure them of the potential market our European travel will bring, after all how can you go wrong with beautiful products made of particle board?