"new look' Team Vitesse jersey

Our new sponsor's name, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, compliments and completes the classic Team Vitesse jersey. In compliance with Happy Lucky 88's maxim, "We manufactory layer wood product", the sponsor's name is prominently displayed and meets UCI standards.
Already, the positive reviews are coming in...
"I am in awe of the aerodynamic prowess of our new team jerseys, Happy Lucky 88 has come through again. They truly do stand by their properly translated motto, "engineered plywood for the discerning cyclist". The ply count approaches the quality of fine Egyptian cotton. The modular nature of the jersey ensures the Super Absorbent Rain Cape will fit like the proverbial plywood glove. Not only does the panel allow for prominent placement of sponsor names, it will also make finding the perfect time trial position much easier. In full tuck, a pint should rest perfectly on top, not spilling a drop while in the drops."
In eager anticipation of our new jerseys, K2nees
"I am also in awe. The stupendous genius of design is breathtaking. It can only be described as aesthetic and technical perfection unified. I can just imagine the glory of the wooden wings in unison, driving the peleton forward. With such forward thinking, the practical applications are endless. Aside from the obvious performance boost from the aerodynamic lift generated, it functions as a picnic table, a roadside workbench, a spine board promoting correct posture, spinal protection in the unfortunate event of a crash and heightened visibility amongst dopey motorists. I'm certain there will be a landslide of add-on accessories such as the now famous blue super absorbent rain cape. Just think of how many water bottles an Extra Super Domestique could shuttle from the team car. As well, lunch and/or the occasional family member or celebrity who wishes, can be strapped on and brought up right into the action. I can't wait to get mine."
Thank You Happy Lucky 88! Lampo Bianco

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