Insider's look at Johan's vehicle

Intense negotiations with Johan have finally resulted in a world exclusive - this foto essay of Johan's mobile control centre on the road at the Tour de France. Shown below, the cockpit from which Johan provides all his tactical advice to Team Vitesse.

The front grille proudly displaying Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory sponsorship.
Another view of the sophisticated controls of this high performance support vehicle. The back seat could not be shown due to ongoing negotiations with a new vineyard sponsor that Johan is courting.
Johan graciously donated this power wagon to Team Vitesse in the full knowledge that it would raise the profile of the team and its sponsor.
Johan's parting comments reveal the extent of the Team Vitesse ethos, "it is gutless and it works!" Team Vitesse relies completely on the neutral service vehicles during races for parts. Johan provides the motivation and liquid refreshment from behind to wheel of this 1937 Morris 8.

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