New APP announced by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory

HL88 has just announced its new app for droid and other mobile phone platforms. Choosing a rural setting in Mongolia for the announcement, HL88 has once again confounded the pundits with a "must have" application. The new app uses existing consumer interface technology and guarantees significant loss of functionality.
The new "CAFIB Production APP" or "CAFIBPROAPP" will allow the consumer to monitor the Manufactory's incessant production of CAFIBs. Access to inventory levels, raw materials tracking and individual worker output can be tracked during an intermittent 8 hour window of satellite access. Enjoy the shear magnificence of high technological production techniques from the confines of work or home during certain times of the day.
You can now see how your personal CAFIB is made, by whom and when you can expect delivery - all with an app on your personal mobile flotation device. Free trial download is available!

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Anonymous said...

will this app work on my rotary telephonic device even if it is on a party line? I wait with bated breath AND eager anticipation. Just what solution can HL88 not cause a problem for?