Team Vitesse News

With another completely ignored spring classics season under their belts, Team Vitesse begins preparations for the Tour. Hard at WORC (Western Oceanographic Research Cosmodrome) Lampo Bianco has dusted off his steed and blown out some lung tar. With the able assistance of Hat Model, LB managed to adjust his shoe cleat after 5 years or incorrect positioning. Johan winced saying, "there goes that excuse!". Knee pain eradicated, Lampo finished the 3km round trip to the donut shop and back to WORC in less than 90 minutes. "The sensations are good. Now I must build my basement" intoned the Lampo.
Meanwhile at the Other Cosmodrome, h2o and Dr. K2nees launched a workman-like attack in honour of International Workers Day. It was the maiden voyage for h2o on his new steed. He found it immensely satisfying wheezing, "The sensations were good. Now I must build my base". The good doctor rode with fenders on the clear dry day insisting "Fenders imply a training ride and hide my lack of fitness". Johan was not fooled however and screeched into the riders' earpieces to go hard or go home.
At one point on the route, h2o and K2 were confronted with remnants of a breakaway. K2 went to the front and pulled h2o up to the 2 escape artists whose backpacks belied their intent on a long unsupported attempt at victory. Team Vitesse quickly dispatched the pretenders. The gap was extended when the hapless saps continued up a dead end while Team Vitesse plowed the fertile furrow home.
Johan expressed his pleasure with his team's efforts blathering "I think Lampo's donut turnaround time can improve on a time trial bike. The other 2 must amp up their trash talk".

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