Alberto Embraces Vitesse Tactics

Stage 15 of this year's edition of the Tour de France has now supplied an excellent dose of controversy. On the final grade over an unpronounceable Col or Porte or whatever, Alberto attacked the hapless Schleck during the latter's dropped chain. "Chain dropsy" is cycling code for a screw up in the shifting mechanism caused by using SRAM components. Obviously Contador has been reading this blog and liked what he saw under the Heavy Drop segments published on this pages. Living up to his nickname "El Pistola Bad Manners", Contador contravened the unwritten rule that one does not attack while your opponent is freaking out at the roadside during a mechanical incident.
By taking a page out of h2o's "Heavy Drop" play book, Contador has ensured that he will go down in infamy and his nickname is upgraded (or downgraded depending on how you look at it) to "El Pistola Cheating SOB".
Reached for comment in his hammock, Johan drawled, "Attacking should by its very nature, be a surprise. Why not attack when your opponent whines by the roadside? h2o has had great success with this tactic." Both Lampo and Dr. K2 have received this treatment and swear to its morale crushing consequences. Team Vitesse approves of Alberto's cycling code transgression.

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