Cold Arm Misconceptions

One of the widespread misconceptions about Cold Arm is that the condition is less likely to manifest itself during the lovely days of summer. It is for this reason that this blog once again provides a dour warning to all unsuspecting humankind.
It is only natural that a person would want to enjoy the warmth of a gentle sun upon his or her arms. After all that is why short sleeved shirts were invented. However, danger lurks once the golden rays of the sun set each day. To the innocent and naive, the most perilous time for the onset of Cold Arm are the hours between sunset and sunrise also known as night. It is during this period of darkness that Cold Arm sweeps in to wreak havoc and discomfort.
One should always be on the alert for the symptoms of Cold Arm and take the proper precautions to avert tears, wailing and gnashing. The symptoms begin with the feeling of cold on the arm followed by a general dropping of skin temperature in the arm area. Specially designed shirts and sweaters with long sleeves will help alleviate Cold Arm. Blankets can assist in reducing the uncomfortable feeling of Cold Arm and return the arm to its natural temperature.
During this summer of joyful warmth, please remain alert for the ugly spectre of Cold Arm.

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