Cosmonauts on the Road - the Metaphor of Hair

Yesterday protected rider Lampo Bianco began training in earnest for the Tour de France. The Tour may have started already but LB is determined to join the peleton during the Pyrenean stages later in the month. To that end he has quit his day job as madcap impresario to devote himself full time to Johan's sage advice. Lampo took the unusual step of removing the hirsute mat that covered his lily white legs. "I used an electric hair device which is never as effective as a razor. Thus I avoided excessive blood loss", barked Lampo through the strong headwind. His babbling continued, "Stray hair always remains on the knees particularly. These few follicles flap furtively providing a beacon of leadership during stressful periods".
Johan seems to agree with this assessment adding, "the freshness exhibited by Lampo is phenomenal. Indeed it is akin to the meerkat's entertainment abilities."
Meanwhile, Dr. K2 was performing thigh strengthening exercises as he pulled his daughter around in a bike trailer. The weight savings of titanium were easily cancelled out by the dead weight in the trailer.

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