UCI bans Heavy Drop

After months of deliberation and hundreds of complaints, the UCI, the governing body of cycling, has ruled that the "heavy drop" will heretofore be banned. Made famous by h20, the heavy drop is his patented move to get a gap by attacking during nature breaks or in feed zones. When h20 strikes with this controversial move, members of the peleton are left disconsolate, morose and broken. Johan is beside himself about this issue stating publicly that "...heavy drop is a particularly fervent rain storm is it not?". Perhaps not a rain storm but certainly a sh** storm according to Lampo Bianco who has witnessed his share of heavy drops. "There is no warning. You hear the gears shifting and he is gone. It leaves everyone feeling hopeless. Then we see him in the far distance ease off and begin to cough and wheeze. We have endured another heavy drop."
During yesterday's training ride in preparation for the Giro start on May 9, members of Team Vitesse rode the dreaded Col de Lapin. It averages 2.5% over the 700 meter distance with one ramp up to an astonishing 4%. The riders acquitted themselves well with a minimum hacking while limiting the bad sensations. They were forced to ride in echelon formation; an admirable achievement with 2 men.

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