Team Ride ends in Acronyms

Recently Team Vitesse founding members, Lampo Bianco and h20, began tapering their training schedule for the Vuelta and world championships. Surprisingly, Team Vitesse received invitations to both events. The team will contest the worlds under the flag of "Land of Vitesse" or "Vitesseland" as it is more commonly known.
The wind played a factor in the team maneuvers. Against Johan's orders, both riders decided to leave their Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking at HQ.
As the team turned into the teeth of the wind, h20 launched one of his patented HDs (heavy drop). This delivery of heavy effort left LB dazed and confused. Regaining his composure, LB's HA (high airburst), caught h20 completely off guard. No one expects a burst of nuclear weapon size damage barely 10 minutes into a ride. Needless to say there were no gauntlets left to be thrown after the intense early action. From that point on both LB and h20 carefully monitored each other and the terrain for a SAFE (selected area for evasion).
Johan the Omniscient ordered a HALO (high altitude low-opening parachute technique used by the military to deliver equipment and supplies from airlift aircraft flying above the threat umbrella). A small HALO team made up of podium girls transferred the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking to LB and h20.
Having agreed to call the hostilities a stalemate, the riders returned to TAMCO (theatre army movement control centre) also called the team Winnibago, for hot chocolate.

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