Speed versus Warmth

Over the weekend, Lampo Bianco and h20 hit the roads for a training ride under sunny skies and warm temperatures. The evenly matched riders were enjoying some of the worst form of their careers. They exchanged banter and jibes which only team mates on a professional cycling team could possibly bear. Once the regulation 3 minute warmup period was completed the real racing began. Early season training always tests the limits and this session was no exception. The first rise became a Herculean effort to withstand the lactic acid agony in each riders' gams. h20 deals with that kind of pain by excessive wheezing and groaning. Lampo, on the other hand, swears like Captain Haddock and then breaks down in tears.
It soon became apparent that h20 had a small competitive advantage. He had cleverly spent an extra 2 hours altering his legs' winter hirsute state to a more bald plucked chicken look. Lampo consciously decided not to perform this Rite of Spring but instead cover his repulsive hirsute state with kneeings. h20 easily bested LB on all head to head sprints and claimed the Heavy Drop trophy once again.
Johan has issued a severe disciplinary action requiring Lampo to perform countless hours of unspecified community service. Lampo must also shave his teammates' legs for the rest of the season.

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