Bjarne wants Vitesse and HL88

Rumours are often not worth the blog in which they are written, but it appears that the Doubting Dane, Bjarne Riis, has been seriously eyeing Team Vitesse and its beneficent sponsor Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. The Dane's current team sponsor, Saxo Bank, is set to pull the plug at the end of this cycling season. The obvious choice is Team Vitesse, a team bristling with both young and old successfully unproven talent. But what really attracts the bald manager from Denmark are the consistent results achieved with Happy Lucky 88 plywood products and patented HL88 plywood support. Details are scanty at this point in time, however it can be said that Johan sees every reason to avoid working with Saxo's manager. "We have different styles. I like the look and feel of fortrel while the Dane prefers a nice draping rayon" said Johan from his hot tub.
It is eminently apparent that the 2 sides are very far apart and have much to discuss before an agreement can be reached.

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