Rumours of True "Western Cosmodrome"

Last June the western Cosmodrome was established. At that time only 2 cosmodromes existed, the original in Baikonur, Kazakhstan and the western Cosmodrome in Westmount also known as the Growlery. Now, emboldened with the full financial support of Johan, Lampo Bianco and Hat Model are considering starting a cosmodrome worthy of the name "Western Cosmodrome". Their establishment will be a state of the art facility on the east coast of the west coast of an island off the west coast of Canada. They are set to perform some due diligence on the proposed site before committing completely to this project. "We require full disclosure and a cost benefit analysis of the situation", snapped Lampo in an interview over the telephone. He continued, "Johan's support is key and we are taking this relocation with our heads firmly in the clouds and our shoes on the other feet".

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