Check Your Programs Please

There has been unprecidented activity surrounding Team Vitesse and rider signings for the coming season. Yesterday we reported that the Slayer of Ventoux had agreed to terms with the team. Unfortunately a Provence based glam rock heavy metal band called Slayer of Ventoux owns the copyright to the name.
Henceforth the newest addition to Team Vitesse, our Netherlands based correspondent, will be known as LeTriple or LT. New contract documents with his corrected name will be couriered to his cosmodrome in Zeeland immediately. When asked for comment he said "I have good sensations with my new team. The undulating terrain in Zeeland is very challenging. Training here allowed me to conquer Mont Ventoux and that is how I came to the attention of Johan."
Johan has decided that Alberto will be allowed to attend the training camp/team building exercises in January. "We will see if he can keep up to our stars. He will not receive any remuneration for his efforts just like everyone else on the team", Johan stated.
Training camp opens in Smoky Lake as soon as the temperature reaches minus 30 degrees C.

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