Injury Spells Death of HEAVY DROP?

It is a rare event when h20 admits his mortality. Recently however, a hyper-extension of his knee while walking on an icy footpath has put his racing season in jeopardy. h20 is now considering the hateful possibility that his King of the Mountains jersey may be taken by some up and comer, likely K2nees or Lampo Bianco. "I will fight to retain the jersey for as long as possible. If it stays on Team Vitesse I will have good sensations" said h20.
Far more disconcerting is the possibility that the HEAVY DROP, h20's patented downhill maneuver, may disappear from the professional peleton. You may remember that the HEAVY DROP is the technique of launching an attack on a downhill section of the parcours preferably when a nature break has been called. h20 was a pioneer of this procedure and one its finest practitioners. "I simply will not be able to bend the cranks like I used to" quipped h20 sadly. This news comes as a relief to K2nees whose constant efforts to catch h20 will be marginally easier now.

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