Team Vitesse Injury Report

At this particular point in time Team Vitesse members are suffering the after effects of a hard campaign.Their strong showing in the World Championships was not quite good enough to disrupt the whining Aussie from winning the gold medal. Johan was disconsolate and the team deemed it best to avoid Johan for a while.
Lampo Bianco has joyfully increased his carbon footprint by flying to San Francisco with Hat Model. His mission is to secure more sponsorship for Team Vitesse and do a little sightseeing on the way.
h20 underwent minor surgery for a problem with his middle finger. Overuse in the upright position during races made it impossible for him to make a fist. The surgery has been judged a success as he is now back to punching riders from other teams.
K2nees has been gainfully employed and continues to drool over titanium. He also continues to take a hard look at elk in the wild.

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