Kit Coordination

It is a relatively unknown fact that feverish planning goes on behind the scenes prior to any ride. Attention to detail is vital for any ride to be successful; be it a training ride or under race conditions. Team Vitesse members make it look easy (they are professionals after all). The outfit choices available to Team Vitesse vary widely. h20 has been decorated with countless Downhill Sprint jerseys from all the grand tours. Lampo Bianco's steady string of public appearances has provided him with t-shirt possibilities too numerous to conceive. He actually has a personal outfit coordinator to manage his vast cycling wardrobe. K2nees, throughout all his palmares, has managed to maintain a colour theme. His basic black outfits go with most everything and are indeed, very slimming.
Team members spend hours coordinating their attire in order to provide a cohesive "look" to the thousands of fans who line the route. Favoured methods of coordination between riders include the telephone, faxing, and the hyper modern email.
There is a lot more to kit coordination than meets the eye. Team Vitesse takes the challenge of dress very seriously. The result is a wonderful panoply of colour that all fans can enjoy.
Let's not forget Johan's edict, "When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, the sensations are good. When the sensations are good, it is time to go to the pain cave." Of course everyone wants to look good in the pain cave.

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