Cosmodrome news - Sept 10

PE5GW has sustained an unspecified wrist ailment after acting as h20's bike repair stand for 8 hours. The regular bike stand was hung with drying laundry. h20 did a major overhaul while PE5GW clamped the frame in her steel vise-like hands. She is expected to recover before the entire team brings their weaponry in for work.
h20 suffered a blow out yesterday on his way for a coiffure. It has been posited that the inner tube exploded due to a small burr on the inside of the rim. h20 foolishly left the HL88 tool kit at the Cosmodrome and was stranded. Fortunately PE5GW commandeered a support vehicle to ensure that h20 did not miss his appointment. No injuries resulting from the blow out were reported and at this writing, the offending rim has been sanded with a 3M pad on the advice of Team Vitesse's metallurgist, PE5GW.

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