Road Army Update

One development of the h20 selfless sacrifice of body and bike in the protection of Lampo Bianco are the reparations required to h20's trusty "orange arrow" road weapon. Once the weapon arrived at the cosmodrome, PE5GW immediately piloted the green lunar support module carrying the apparently mortally wounded orange velocipede to the best medical/mechanical geniuses in the business. Curbside unloading by redbike staff facilitated a seamless transition from cosmodrome to triage station. K2nees was instrumental in stabilizing the patient, cleaning the wounded brake lever and inspecting the conveyance for other injuries. After a brief recovery period, the orange arrow has been downgraded from critical status and can be released as an out patient. This comes as a great relief to Team Vitesse members and h20's fans and supporters who can look forward to future heavy drops and more downhill sprint points.

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